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  • Uses: An adjunct in the treatment of fish sauce, soy sauce, vinegar and fruit wine.
  • Specification: 25kg/plastic carafes
  • Origin: Japan
  • Expiry date: 24 months

COPOROC SA solution helps to settle fish sauce, soy sauce, purified water, pomegranate and fruit juice

COPOROC SA is a filtering aid (clarifier) ​​originating in Japan, used to help quickly precipitate and suspend in food solutions.

COPOROC SA filtration aid is allowed to be used in food because it is safe, effective and does not cause side effects for the filtrate, so COPOROC SA filtration aid is widely used in the filtration of fish sauce, soy sauce, wine. , fruit juice…

In food solutions, there are usually suspended substances, lipids, fats and proteins in the form of suspended, crystallized, adhesion so, for normal mechanical filtration, they do not thoroughly treat these deposits. they will appear after 1-2 days under static conditions, causing loss of aesthetics, value and reduce the quality of your product

The COPOROC SA sedimentation agent will help you solve this problem, with the polymer Siic Dioxide, a gel-like solution that quickly binds to the proteins that make up the deposit in food solutions. It is easy to remove these deposits from the filtrate.

COPOROC SA filtration aid does not cause taste changes, completely removes suspended solids that are invisible to the naked eye, reduces the filtration time of the solution, does not affect preservatives and product quality