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  • Specification: 25kg/bag
  • Origin: Spain
  • Expiry date: 24 months

HA-5025 GLASS is a glazing product to be used in the surface of  frozen  products,  forming  a  protective  barrier.  The advantages of its use are:

  • Conservation of the organoleptic qualities (aroma, flavour, texture and colour).
  • Elimination of surface oxidation reactions responsible for rancidity, undesirable color, etc .
  • Reduction of the weight loss due to dehydration, “drip” of
  • Natural and attractive presentation due to the formation of a bright and transparent

This product is obtained from a mixing process.

Sugars, pH regulator (E 451) (<10%) and pH regulator (E 331). Contains added sugars.
RSI nº: 31.00626/PO
All  additives  and/or  ingredients  included  in  this  formula  are  both  permitted  and  approved  by  the  EU  Regulations  and    the FDA (21 CFR). All of them follow the recommendations of FAO and WHO.




pH at 5 %

White powder

Water soluble

8.0 – 9.5


Mesophiles (72 h/30ºC) (cfu/g)

Yeasts and moulds (5 days/ 25ºC) (cfu/g)

< 10 exp 3

< 10 exp 3


DescriptionIn the productIn line/plantMay contain
Cereals that contain glutenNOYESNO
Crustaceans and derivativesNOYESNO
Eggs and derivativesNOYESNO
Fish and derivativesNOYESNO
Peanuts and derivativesNONONO
Soya and derivativesNOYESNO
Milk and derivatives (lactose included)NOYESNO
Nuts and derivativesNONONO
Celery and derivativesNOYESNO
Mustard and derivativesNONONO
Sesame and derivativesNONONO
Sulphurous anhydride/sulphites > 10mg/kg or 10mg/lNOYESNO
Lupin and derivativesNONONO
Molluscs and derivativesNOYESNO

Genetically Modified Organisms

The  company Harinas  y  Sémolas  del  Noroeste  S.A.,  with  address  at  the  Polígono  Industrial  de  “Ás  Gándaras”   in   Porriño (Pontevedra)  and  Sanitary  Register   Number   26.00973/PO;   31.00626/PO;   20.19238/PO;   20.10667/P,   based   on the documentation given by our providers, declares that the ingredients:

  • Are not included in the field of application of the Regulation (EC) nº 1829/2003, of Genetically and Modified Foods and
  • That the possible and accidental contamination by GMO that could exist does not exceed the value of 0.9%, as before establishes the mentioned

Target population and Instructions for use

Product for industrial food use. See allergen declaration. Dosage guideline: 10 and 20 g per liter of water.

The usual procedure  is  through  bathing  or  curtain  belt  at  low  temperature  (<-5ºC).  The  lower  is  the  temperature,  the  better will be the results.


25 kg in plastic bags. Available in other packagings

Preservation and transport – Best before date

Keep in its own packaging properly closed and store in a cool and dry place. Transport should be  done  according  to  recommended conditions for its preservation. Best before 24 months after packing date.